Anaheim Lighthouse, a historic landmark in the city of Anaheim, California, has recently undergone a major facelift. The lighthouse, which was built in 1871, has been a beacon of hope for the city for over a century.

The renovation project, which began in 2018, was funded by the City of Anaheim and the Anaheim Lighthouse Foundation. The project included the restoration of the lighthouse’s exterior, the installation of new lighting, and the addition of a new observation deck.

The exterior of the lighthouse was restored to its original condition, with the original brickwork and mortar being replaced. The new lighting system was designed to be energy efficient and to provide a more inviting atmosphere for visitors. The observation deck was added to provide visitors with a better view of the surrounding area.

The renovation project also included the installation of a new interpretive center, which will provide visitors with information about the history of the lighthouse and its importance to the city. The interpretive center will also feature interactive exhibits and educational programs.

The renovation project was completed in 2020 and the lighthouse is now open to the public. The lighthouse is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, and the renovation project has made it even more attractive.

The Anaheim Lighthouse is a symbol of hope and resilience for the city of Anaheim, and the renovation project has ensured that it will remain a beacon of hope for many years to come.


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