QuickBooks Online is a powerful accounting software that allows businesses to manage their finances and keep track of their financial data. It is a great tool for businesses of all sizes, but it can be difficult to manage if you don’t have the right people in charge. If you need to transfer primary admin rights in QuickBooks Online, here’s how to do it.

1. Log into your QuickBooks Online account.

2. Go to the “Settings” tab and select “Manage Users.”

3. Select the user you want to transfer primary admin rights to.

4. Click “Edit” and select “Make Primary Admin.”

5. Click “Save” to confirm the change.

Once you’ve transferred primary admin rights, the new user will be able to access all of the features of QuickBooks Online. They will be able to manage users, set up bank accounts, and manage other settings. It’s important to remember that the new primary admin will have full control over the account, so it’s important to choose someone you trust.

Transferring primary admin rights in QuickBooks Online is a simple process that can help you manage your business more effectively. With the right people in charge, you can ensure that your financial data is secure and that your business is running smoothly.


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