OETA, Oklahoma’s statewide public television network, recently announced that it has received record-breaking donations to fund programming. The donations, which totaled over $1 million, will be used to support the network’s educational and cultural programming.

The donations came from a variety of sources, including individuals, foundations, and corporations. The largest donation came from the Oklahoma City-based Kirkpatrick Foundation, which donated $500,000. Other major donors included the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, the Inasmuch Foundation, and the Chickasaw Nation.

The donations will be used to fund a variety of programming, including educational programming for children and adults, cultural programming, and public affairs programming. OETA’s programming reaches over 1 million viewers in Oklahoma and the surrounding states.

OETA’s president and CEO, Dan Schiedel, expressed his gratitude for the donations. “We are so grateful for the generous support of our donors,” he said. “Their contributions will help us continue to provide quality programming to our viewers.”

The donations come at a time when public television networks are facing budget cuts and other financial challenges. OETA’s record-breaking donations will help ensure that the network can continue to provide quality programming to its viewers.

The donations will also help OETA expand its reach and impact. The network recently launched a new website and mobile app, which will allow viewers to access OETA programming from anywhere in the world.

OETA’s record-breaking donations are a testament to the network’s commitment to providing quality programming to its viewers. With the support of its donors, OETA will continue to be a leader in public television programming.


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